Where road tube just isn't enough.
Portable axle sensors with lane discrimination for up to 12 lane, high volume sites with more accurate, multi-lane volume, speed and classification data collection

Accuracy & Reliability

RoadRAMP HIGHWAY™ is a portable axle sensing system that guarantees more accurate volume, speed and classification counts on busy, multi-lane sites, such as Interstate Highways.

The unique RoadRAMP HIGHWAY™ system, with a separate pneumatic sensor in each lane, provides individual lane discrimination or lane isolation on high-volume, multi-lane sites by eliminating the problem of “shadowing,” when two or more vehicles simultaneously cross over the installed sensors.

The RoadRAMP HIGHWAY system accurately identifies individual vehicles in each lane, up to 3 lanes from each shoulder/median access point (up to 12 total lanes, in standard configurations), regardless of traffic volume and average speeds, without the problem of “shadowing.”

RoadRAMP HIGHWAY sensors have regularly been used on high speed, high volume sites with over 30,000 per lane ADTs and survived the impact of over 2 million axles.

RoadRAMP HIGHWAY sensors are suitable for use with both road tube and mini tube sensors. They are compatible with standard pneumatic traffic counters as supplied by: JAMAR, IRD, TimeMark, Diamond, PEEK etc.

Installation techniques are similar to those used for installing regular road tube sensors. The RoadRAMP HIGHWAY system can be recommended for the most difficult volume, speed and classification projects on up to 12 lanes (divided highway), including:

  • Low speed, high volume urban highways and city streets
  • High volume, high speed sites including Interstate Highways
  • Sites with a heavy truck volume
  • Verification of permanent traffic data collection sites
10-lane (divided) classification site using RoadRAMP HIGHWAY units & regular road tube (6 lanes from the shoulders & 4 lanes from the median)
RoadRAMP  HIGHWAY installed on typical 3-lane urban site
RoadRAMP  HIGHWAY installed on typical 4-lane divided highway site

HIGHWAY sensors are available as 12ft long, single-lane units or 24ft long, two-lane units. For maximum flexibility two, single lane units are usually “daisy-chained” end-to-end across two lanes. Where practical, a 12ft length of road tube is attached to the HIGHWAY units and used as the axle sensor in the final lane.

The HIGHWAY sensors are quickly installed across the highway, secured to the pavement with either patches of adhesive tape or PK nails and webbing, then connected across the shoulder or median to the traffic counter/classifier with additional lengths of road tube or mini tube.

For classification projects, two sensors are installed in each lane.

HIGHWAY sensors can be re-used for multiple installations, subject to accidental damage.

RoadRAMP HIGHWAY Units are compatible with most pneumatic traffic counters, as supplied by -

JAMAR - IRD - TimeMark - Diamond - Metro Count - MITRON - PEEK - Others

Click here to download RoadRAMP HIGHWAY installation instuctions (HIGHWAY Installation.pdf)



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