Where road tube just isn't enough.
More accurate traffic counts on city sites with parking lanes - Prevents parked vehicles blocking pneumatic signals

The Problem

When road tube sensors or lead tubes are installed across parking lanes, they need to be protected from parked vehicles, if the data is to be accurate.

Vehicles driving over or parking directly on road tube sensors, will stop signals passing from the sensors to the traffic counter, giving inaccurate, misleading data.

The Solution

The solution is to install RoadRAMP PARKING™ units across parking lanes between the axle sensors on the street and the traffic counter on the sidewalk.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ units are ‘incompressible” when driven over or when vehicles park directly on these units.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ units allow signals from both road tube sensors and RoadRAMP HIGHWAY™ axle sensing units to pass freely over the parking lane to the traffic counter. Eliminating the risk of parked vehicles blocking signals and avoiding misleading or incorrect data.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ units are flexible, lightweight and have a tough, “incompressible” inner tube covered by a thick, wear resisting, rubber sheath.

Vehicles do not compress RoadRAMP PARKING™ units, when installed across a parking lane
RoadRAMP PARKING™ units are flexible, lightweight and easily installed across parking lanes.


Installation is straightforward and easy: - Attach one end of RoadRAMP PARKING™ unit(s) to the axle sensor(s) in the first lane. - Stretch RoadRAMP PARKING™ unit(s) across parking lane and secure to pavement with patches of adhesive tape - Wind any excess length into a neat coil - Attach lead tubes to RoadRAMP PARKING™ unit and connect road tubes to traffic counter. - For safety and security, secure coiled PARKING units and any excess lead tubes with traffic counter on the verge or sidewalk.

Non-standard lengths are available, on request.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ units can be re-used for multiple installations, subject to accidental damage.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ units can be used for other applications where pneumatic signals must be protected between the installed axle sensors and the traffic counter.

RoadRAMP PARKING™ - Item Numbers and Product Detail

611F - 12 ft unit for standard and mini tube applications (Weight 1.5 lbs)

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