Where road tube just isn't enough.
Rugged axle sensors for use on unpaved, rural roads

The Problem

When bare road tube is installed on unpaved rural roads, gravel roads or dirt roads, it is frequently damaged by heavy vehicles and by abrasion from rough ground, gravel or sharp stones.

Such damage usually means the job must either be terminated early with loss of valuable data, loss of accuracy, or the site must be re-set with consequent re-scheduling delays and higher costs.

The Solution

RoadRAMP RURAL™ axle sensors are a practical, cost-effective solution for temporary installations on rural, gravel and dirt roads. RoadRAMP RURAL™ sensors provide an opportunity to extend project duration times, with more detailed vehicle classification and more accurate reports.

The rugged RoadRAMP RURAL™ axle sensors are recommended as an alternative to standard road tube sensors for all temporary vehicle counting and classification jobs on unpaved, rural and off-highway sites, particularly where road tube is regularly damaged by the combination of heavy vehicles and abrasion from rough ground.


RoadRAMP RURAL axle sensor installed across a typical gravel road

RoadRAMP RURAL axle sensors are recommended for volume, speed and classification studies on sites that include

  • Unpaved Rural Roads
  • Dirt Roads
  • Gravel Roads
  • Forest and Logging Trails
  • Construction Sites
  • Mining Haul Roads

The RoadRAMP RURAL™ axle sensors, consisting of a tough, 2 inch wide, low-profile, rubber ramp with a built-in road tube, provide excellent resistance to damaging vehicle impacts and abrasion from sand, gravel and small sharp stones.

The 24ft or 36ft long RoadRAMP RURAL™ sensors are installed by stretching each unit across the road and securing between 12" spikes driven into each shoulder. Two RoadRAMP RURAL™ sensors are laid in parallel for speed and vehicle classification sites. A length of regular road tube connects each RoadRAMP RURAL™ sensor across the shoulder to the traffic counter.

RoadRAMP RURAL™ sensors can be used with most existing pneumatic traffic counter/classifiers:

JAMAR - IRD - TimeMark - Diamond - Metro Count - MITRON - PEEK - Others

RoadRAMP RURAL™ axle sensors are rugged and can be re-used for multiple installations, subject to accidental damage.

RoadRAMP RURAL™ - Item Numbers and Product Detail - Standard RoadRAMP RURAL™ axle sensors are 24 and 36 feet in length. Non-standard lengths are available by special order.

212F - 24 ft (7.3m) unit (Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg))

213F - 36 ft (11m) unit (Weight 12 lbs (5.5 kg))

Click here for RoadRAMP RURAL™ Installation Information (RURAL Installation.pdf)



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