RoadRAMP Systems
Where road tube just isn't enough.
A full range of pneumatic axle sensing systems for the most challenging sites.

Regular Production Products


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MiniTwin (MT) BYPASS provides highly accurate traffic counts and vehicle classification in each lane at undivided sites up to 4 lanes and divided sites up to 8 lanes (2 lanes from each shoulder/median point)

Eliminates “shadowing” and provides individual lane isolation where ever accurate, by-lane studies are required

Special Order Products

RoadRAMP Highway

A heavy-duty, multi-lane axle sensing system for high volume and long duration studies at undivided sites up to 6 lanes and divided sites up to 12 lanes (up to 3 lanes from each shoulder/median point) such as Interstate Highways and busy urban sites

Accurate traffic counts in each lane for sites with maximum capacity ADTs and high truck volumes


Heavy duty sensors for use on unpaved, rural or dirt roads

Use RURAL sensors on unpaved, off-highway sites where road tube sensors are quickly destroyed by abrasion from the rough ground and heavy vehicles


For use at count locations, where road tube axle sensors must cross parking lanes, such as city streets

Prevents parked vehicles crushing road tube sensors and stopping pneumatic signals passing over the parking lane to the traffic counter



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